What’s Up?: The truth behind the words of Professor Sun Woo-young

by: Raine — I just finished bawling my eyes out after watching episodes 19 and 20 of What’s Up? (Again.) For those of you who aren’t into K-drama, it’s still safe to read on, because what I’m about to say extends beyond the drama.

Music Jokes for Musicians

by: Raine — The funniest music jokes for musicians really make me laugh ’til I cry. I’m going to post them because I can, even if many of you won’t get them. Here’s a short rant: It really makes me mad that I can’t tell these jokes to my non-musician friends. ‘Cause they’re really funny.Continue reading “Music Jokes for Musicians”

Music Education for K-drama OSTs: Introduction and Glossary

by: Raine — Welcome to my music education series! I thought it would be a good idea to do this because I write so much about music in K-drama. I often find myself wanting to use more specific terms and concepts in order to more accurately describe the music to you. Therefore, this series isContinue reading “Music Education for K-drama OSTs: Introduction and Glossary”

An Assumption about Habits and the Human Brain

by: Raine — I’ve always been fascinated by the human brain’s ability to run an extremely complex organic system as well as control thought, reasoning, and emotions (blah, blah, blah…). I honestly don’t know much about the brain save what I learned in college and a few seminars in grad school. (How much of thatContinue reading “An Assumption about Habits and the Human Brain”

Classical Music in Pop Culture: Libertango

by: Raine — I would like to share a piece that I love that was included in the 2008 K-drama, Beethoven Virus, starring Kim Myung-min, Lee Ji-ah and Jang Geun-suk. When the cellist, Jung Hee-yun (Song Ok-sook), began to play this stellar work, I was ecstatic to see a solo cellist on the small screen.

K-Drama OSTs : Who’s the Composer?!!!

by: Raine — I really like K-dramas and I really like music. I watch/read about/write about K-dramas every day. I play/teach/practice music every day. So when there is a kick-ass K-drama with a rockin’ OST, I can have my cake and eat it too.