Fashion King aniGIF: Episode 14 Say ‘Ah’!

by: Raine — This was too darned cute to pass up. Is it sad that I still want her to be with Young-gul? —

Fashion King aniGIF: Episode 13 Jae-hyuk Teacup Smile

by: Raine — Lee Je-hoon smiling makes my day. —

Fashion King aniGIF: Episode 7 Kiss-flip Scene

by: Raine — I have learned how to aniGIF and here is my second one for your enjoyment! —

Fashion King Juicy Tidbits: BTS, including kiss-flip scene!

by: Raine — Here are some juicy tidbits for you — Juicy Tidbit #1 — Juicy Tidbit #2 Yoo Ah-in loves his role in Fashion King — Production Details Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast Period: 3.19.12 to 5.22.12 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55 Director: Lee Myung-woo Screenwriters: Lee Sun-mi, Kim Ki-ho

Rooftop Prince: SBS airing THREE episodes this week

by: Raine — Rooftop Prince is airing not one, or two, but THREE episodes this week to make up for that nasty fakeout last week. Now MadDino and I really have our work cut out for us as does Viki, our speedy subbers.

Rooftop Prince Juicy Tidbits: English-subbed BTS for Episodes 6 and 7

by: Raine — Three episodes of Rooftop Prince this week! *squeeeee* One Wednesday and two Thursday, back to back. MadDino and I are going to recap, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We use the most speedy Viki for subs.

Rooftop Prince: Only one episode airing 4/12/12 with some BTS extras

by: Raine — Rooftop Prince isn’t airing ’til Thursday. On top of that, we only get ONE episode. No! Now MadDino and I have to wait. But Viki will still bring us fast translations!