Raine’s Dichotomy has a new look!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.19.55 AM

Hi all!

A few months ago I decided that since Raine’s Dichotomy is in year 5, it should get a makeover. I reached out to a friend, Elsa Riffe, who made me the awesome logos you’ve seen floating around. And then I called on my Orion from Orion’s Ramblings. Together we have ventured to make the blog brand, spankin’ new. This post is half love for the blog, and half love for my awesome web master.

This is still a work in progress. You might see colors tweaked, and layouts skooching around, but I’m very happy to see the RD looking so snaaaaazzzy! Please pardon our dust as we make this a better place for you to visit, spaz, comment, read, ogle, and much, much more! Let me know what you all think! And mind the dusty Korean idols meandering around. They haven’t yet reached their shower scenes.


Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine