Park Shi-hoo, Fighting!

by: Raine


It’s going on three months now.

You all know what I’m talking about. Park Shi-hoo was accused of rape and is still running the media and legal gauntlet. He’s lost at least 10kg, looks like he hasn’t slept this entire time and gets to have his name dragged through the mud when the system should’ve kept this all as quiet as possible.

I’m really sad and angry he has to go through this. It’s pretty much set his life on a  completely different course from which he may not recover. But I’m going to put my faith in him and cheer him on! Recover! Fight this!

And I really, really hope these accusations don’t make it harder for rape victims to get the help they need. This media frenzy has been ugly and casts doubt over everyone.

I hate it. People are so sick to feed on this stuff.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I have faith in my oppa.

Fighting Park Shi-hoo!


Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 16 (final) Recap

by: Raine

And here we have the end to our Alice’s journey into Wonderland. Our Mad Hatter/White Rabbit got to be adorable again for all of two seconds. We have conclusions for all of our major characters. But there is nothing neat about it. It’s hard to explain, so why don’t you read the recap? And then comment because, well, I’m so confused that I think I need someone else’s input to figure things out…

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