Raine’s 2011 Year-End Review!

by: Raine — Welcome to the end of another eventful K-drama year. The end of 2011 marks the end of my first full K-drama loving year. I watched ten 2011 dramas and I will give you my highly unbiased opinion. (Yes, those two words are inherently opposites. I know. I know.) Included in this reviewContinue reading “Raine’s 2011 Year-End Review!”

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 2 Recap

by: Raine — This episode answered a bunch of questions I had and really got the ball rolling. That, and Park Shi-hoo made his entrance, looking quite stoic and hot, completely pleasing my inner fangirl. Okay, who am I joking, my outer fangirl, too. I also got a little word happy on this one. It’sContinue reading “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 2 Recap”

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 1 Recap

by: Raine — I have decided to undertake another blog responsibility and recap How to Be a Perfect Neighbor. I’m going to try to post two a week as though I am watching it while it airs. I will also keep updating the character profiles as they are introduced and fleshed out during the drama.Continue reading “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 1 Recap”

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Character Introductions

by: Raine — Inspired by uri oppa, Park Shi-hoo, I began How to Be a Perfect Neighbor despite its mixed reviews. I hope to not only be able to sit through the drama, but actually enjoy it. As I progress, I will update the character profiles and I may include a few spoilers that willContinue reading “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Character Introductions”

Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Kisser

by: Raine — (Kim Seung-yoo kissing Lee Se-ryung’s scar from when she took an arrow for him in The Princess’ Man. In case you didn’t know by now, that’s uri Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won. ) And now for our favorite installment (or perhaps I’m projecting): the smooches. As I was preparing for his post,Continue reading “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Kisser”

Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Leading Ladies

by: Raine — (This smile is why we love him. It’s charming, sincere and hot as hell.) After bromancing Park Shi-hoo last week, it is only logical to follow up with the romancing. Shi-hoo is not a lead usurper for nothing. He has shattered not one OTP, but TWO.¬† This is a phenomenon known asContinue reading “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Leading Ladies”

Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Bromances

by: Raine — Second post in the Park Shi-hoo mini-series and I’m totally stoked! I must say that this post in particular was so much fun to write and put together. I got to look at lots of pretty pictures and learn about my ultimate k-actor. On my list of k-dramas to watch¬† are Iljimae,Continue reading “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Bromances”