Prosecutor Princess aniGIF: Episode 7 Bucket Delivery

by: Raine — This is when Seo In-woo (PARK SHI-HOO) delivers items to  Ma Hye-ri (KIM SO-YEON) via bucket attached to a fishing pole. He looks so darn pleased with himself and that smile is to die for. *drool*

Prosecutor Princess aniGIF: Episode 7 Stolen Kiss

by: Raine — This is when Seo In-woo (PARK SHI-HOO) steals a kiss from Ma Hye-ri (KIM SO-YEON) in order to provoke Yoon Se-joon (HAN JUNG-SOO). We all know he wanted to kiss her. And we all liked watching him kiss her!

Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Bromances

by: Raine — Second post in the Park Shi-hoo mini-series and I’m totally stoked! I must say that this post in particular was so much fun to write and put together. I got to look at lots of pretty pictures and learn about my ultimate k-actor. On my list of k-dramas to watch  are Iljimae,Continue reading “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Bromances”

Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Introduction

by: Raine — (In Bali for a vacay after filming The Princess’ Man. Live shoots are grueling and he, and the rest of the cast, needed the break!) As though I have any more time to spare, I decided to start a mini-series about one of my favorite actors. He is not only part ofContinue reading “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Introduction”