Soompi Feature: 8 Reasons That Perfectly Sum Up Why SHINee Is Amazing

(Text is a sample from my work on and belongs to Soompi.) SHINee is one of K-pop’s super groups; these five boys have been cruising on top for eight years. They have just finished a circuit of concerts in North America, including their very first U.S. fanmeet, and it is only right to share whyContinue reading “Soompi Feature: 8 Reasons That Perfectly Sum Up Why SHINee Is Amazing”

SMTown Coex Artium – the home of many SHINee goodies!

by: Raine — OMG! So many SHINee pictures and CDs and Posters and OMG! SMTown Coex Artium is seriously the biggest SM brainwashing building EVAR…and I LOVED IT! How can you NOT love all of your idol favorites plastered on the walls! Yes, I fangirled happily. My HanCinema article isn’t quite so fangirly, but itContinue reading “SMTown Coex Artium – the home of many SHINee goodies!”

SHINee’s “Odd” – An Album Review

by: Raine — Not that I’m biased as a Shawl, but this is one fantastic collection of music. The focus of SHINee’s fourth studio album is their longevity and success as a frontrunner in K-pop. The album does just that. It showcases their maturity and how far they have come since their debut in 2008.Continue reading “SHINee’s “Odd” – An Album Review”

Raine and Lil’ Raine React to Toheart’s “Delicious”

by: Raine — Raine: So Lil’ Raine and I have endeavored to make our faces and voices known to you via vlogging! I’m pretty awful with filming and editing and I’m hoping to get better. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Hating will be deleted. So there! However, we did enjoy recording this and reacting to theContinue reading “Raine and Lil’ Raine React to Toheart’s “Delicious””