SHINee’s “Odd” – An Album Review

by: Raine — Not that I’m biased as a Shawl, but this is one fantastic collection of music. The focus of SHINee’s fourth studio album is their longevity and success as a frontrunner in K-pop. The album does just that. It showcases their maturity and how far they have come since their debut in 2008.Continue reading “SHINee’s “Odd” – An Album Review”

SHINee – Live Performances Review, Part I: 2008

by: Raine — Here is Part I of my review. It all began in 2008 when 5 wee teenagers had dreams of being K-pop idols and decided to sing…and dance. Yes, in brightly colored shirts and pants and suits. Why? No one knows, but it began the SHINee style and we will roll with it.Continue reading “SHINee – Live Performances Review, Part I: 2008”

SHINee – an introduction to my review of live performances from 2008 to Now!

by: Raine —   In case you didn’t know, I’m a SHINee fangirl. The biggest reason I’m a fangirl is because they have magic when they perform live that shows off their talents in singing, dancing and effervescing on stage and that they constantly and consistently improve over the years. So I’m going to reviewContinue reading “SHINee – an introduction to my review of live performances from 2008 to Now!”

SHINee’s Everybody: A Reaction (YAAAAAAY!)

by: Raine and Lil’ Raine — (Note: Lil’ Raine is my little sister who I have gotten addicted to K-drama, K-pop and whose favorite Kpop group is SHINee…just like me! We decided to write some K-pop posts together! Here is the first of (hopefully) many!)   Raine: Initial reaction: Love the dance. Not sure aboutContinue reading “SHINee’s Everybody: A Reaction (YAAAAAAY!)”

Why So Serious…when you’re performing without Jonghyun?

SM was seriously desperate to get this promotion cycle on the road. So desperate, in fact, that they decided not to include SHINee’s main vocalist, Jonghyun. Poor kiddo got his nose bummed up in a car accident (April 1st) and is still going through the healing process.