Valentine’s Day Special: How to create a K-drama lover

by: Raine — In commemoration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to share how to turn the common V-day celebrant into a k-drama lover. It is no easy task, this conversion. But if you succeed, you will change a person’s life forever. That person will forever wish to give chocolates and flowers to favorite k-drama characters,Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Special: How to create a K-drama lover”

Happy Valentine’s Day

by: Raine — Hello my readers, commenters, fellow bloggers, lurkers, regulars, guest writers, random passersby and anyone else! I wanted to write you a love letter because I have a torrid love affair going on with my blogging buddies. It’s a creative, fulfilling, interesting, educational, fun, and diverse community that I adore. You guys reallyContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”