Winner – “Exit : E” Album Review

by: Raine


Admittedly, I’ve never gotten into Winner (purely due to lack of effort,) but I know they’re a pretty big YG group and battled it out against iKON and won on “YG’s Win: Who Is Next” to become signed by YG and debut into idoldom in 2013. It’s been a year and a half since their debut and on February 1, 2016 they came out with a mini-album/EP that I’d like to review: “Exit : E.”

I decided to tackle it mainly because of the members’ heavy involvement in the album. They took a long time to study different musical styles, music production, and figure out where they wanted this album to go. I respect that and decided it would be worth my time to dig into the album. Also, it’s doing well on the iTunes Albums chart according to Fuse’s Jeff Benjamin. So, without further ado, I present my album review! Continue reading